Company Management

Moishe Mana, Chairman of the Board
Moishe Mana founded a business over twenty years ago and has turned it into a dynamic conglomerate of 15 companies. Each company complements the other, enabling GAM to offer the best in service across the board. His hands-on business attitude has set the tone for personalized service throughout all the companies and has helped each to become an industry leader. Moishe brings a multitude of business expertise, experience and enthusiasm to this new venture.

Eugene Lemay, President
Eugene comes with over nineteen years of experience in executive management, business development, sales, marketing and advertising. He is leading the way in the creation and the development of Guarantee Storage Centers' specialized storage offerings, from expert fine art and wine storage to fulfillment and work-and-store solutions. Eugene continues to oversee their operations and improve upon their services. In addition to founding these affiliate companies, he serves as President of Moishe's Moving Systems, the largest moving company in New York City and the Tri-State Area.

Micha Lang, Vice President Sales
Micha leads our management team and staff. He has over 15 years experience in the moving and storage industry. His expertise in the area of sales, advertising and marketing has been very important in the growth of the company. The last seven years he has been overseeing the sales team in New York City, the Tri State Area and Chicago. Micha is continually involved in innovative sales programs aligned with our business strategy to improve our specialized service. His focus on providing our customers with individualized attention has propelled Moishes Moving Systems into the largest moving company in New York City and the Tri State Area.

Victor Kamara, General Manager

Kimberly Boyd, Client Services Manager

Meir Eliassi, Transportation Manager

William Mendoza, Warehouse Manager

Kelly Reizun, Account Manager

Jay Crystall, Account Manager

Hetal Desai, Account Manager

Elizabeth Van Dyk, Account Manager