Ritz Carlton Hotel, NYC - Case Study

The Company

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the worldís finest and most famous luxury hotels and resorts. Its famed New York City location, situated on the posh Central Park South is world-renown for its beauty and history. It is a five-star, five-diamond hotel boasting 261 guest rooms and 12 grand condominiums. The Ritz-Carltonís club lounge, upscale bar, and spa are famous in their own right for their resplendence.

The Challenge

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel was ordering its upscale hotel amenities (toilet paper, soap, shampoos, etc) in bulk but had no space to store these amenities within the hotel. Increasingly, the Ritz-Carlton saw itself having to buy these amenities in smaller quantities which meant no quantity-based discounts

Additionally, the Ritz-Carlton had the problem of how to store furniture for its VIP guests. If a certain Prince for example, was coming to town and the hotel knew he wanted black satin sheets, a pink arm chair, and a plasma TV, how were they to easily store and then retrieve these items?

The Solution

With GAM, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel is provided complete inventory management. The hotelís amenities are bar coded in such a way that the hotel can always find out, in real time, exactly what their inventory levels are. Working with GAMís experts, the Ritz-Carlton switched to fixed delivery and now receives regular supplies of their amenities on pre-determined dates. By controlling their inventory with such increased efficiency and by allowing the hotel to store amenities off their premises, GAM has optimized the hotelís inventory control.

For the problem of specific furniture sets for VIP clientele, GAMís advanced technological innovations have allowed the Ritz-Carlton to store furniture in pairs and sets. With GAMís Digital Imaging, finding and retrieving these furniture sets from the database is a breeze.

The Results

By optimizing overall inventory control and specialized functions, GAM has given the Ritz-Carlton overall increased efficiency and a cost reduction of a stunning 40%.